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How are you watching Japanese Movies and TVs Shows in your area? YouTUBE, NETFLIX, AMAZON or DVD?
Next time when you take off from the airport in Japan, take look outside. It is a custom to see ground crew waving at your airplane and bow before they go back to whatever they were doing. I think it ...
When I go to Japan and get hungry ... I often visit a convenience store and buy a sandwich and salad. Cheap quick and healthy ... and most of all they are so good. Do you agree?
it started to snow in Seattle/Bellevue on Christmas Eve. We wish you all have a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday from all of us at
Japan has many festivals called Matsuri. When you travel to japan, you should check what kind of Matsuri is available. When you search Matsuri ... use "祭"
Have you ever seen this TV series. This TV shows always make me hungry for Japanese foods. When you search use "孤独のグルメ" in your video search box....
I miss Onsen 温泉 (Hot Springs) base public bath. They are warm, relaxing and refreshing. Going to visit Onsen is the first thing in my mind when I arrive in Japan. What is your thought?...
Why spend hundreds of dollars (tens of thousands of yen) when all you need is a warm comfortable and safe place to sleep. I have been a fan of so called capsule hotels in Japan. And I really thing the...
Gara-Kei is the name people use in Japan to describe non-smartphone type cellular phones. Why is it called Gara-Kei? Gara is a shor for "Galapagos" Kei is a short for "Keitai" (Transportable Phones) S...
There are few cars that are only available in Japan and most of them are less expensive micro cars (軽四輪) but have you ever heard of Toyota Century ... the most luxurious car in Japan. It look like a c...