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One way to save money in transportation within Japan is to use Japan Rail Pass. One thing you need to know is that you are not allowed to use JRP to raise Nozomi Super Express Trains. You cam still ri...
Japan is the only country where you will find the variety of Kit Kat flavors. This Kit Kat is linked to Kit Kat website in Japan.
If you know what Anime I am talking about by looking at this car ... You really are an anime fan. What anime is this?
What do you ringback from Japan? In our office, when someone come back from Japan, they bring some sweets. I personally bring back おむすび Omusubi...
Here are top busiest International Airport in Japan. Haneda Airport HND (Tokyo) Narita International Airport NRT (Chiba/Tokyo) Kansai International Airport KIX (Osaka) Fukuoka Airport FUK (Fukuoka) Ne...
Next Olympic and Paralympic will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Are you planning to go there? If you are should start planning now.
If you like Tonkatsu ... You really have to go there for an experience. Of cause they have one of the best Tonkatsu. But you will be amazed by the cleanness of the restaurant and wonderful atmosphere....
For years, sushi has been the unquestionable popularity champion of Japanese food in the US, but in recent years ramen has risen as a formidable challenger.
The Suica is a prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping. There is no more need to buy a ticket from a vending machine. Just touch your Suica to the ticket gate and the fare is automatically...
There are many places you are asked not to talk on the phone. - Restaurant / Coffee Shop - In a bus or train - In a elevator Basically, people do not want to hear your story. If you need to talk, go s...