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Most Asian people including myself like noodles. I personally like Soba better than Ramen. But soba must be a good fresh soba.
This is Kara (辛) Miso (味噌) Ramen (ラーメン) at Hakata Tenjin Chain of Ramen Shop. It costs 600 yen or about US$5.50. You can get free second serving of noodles. What a deal!
It is hard to choose something good for you over what tastes good in Japan. For instance, this Katsu Don was so good ... Who will want to eat just a Tofu-Salad. This was at Ootoya, in Alaska-Mitsuke h...
I had a chance to vist 蒙古タンメン中本 (Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto) with I saw video of many times on YouTube. Their Hokkyoku Ramen is one of the spiciest ramens around. It was spicy but was very tasty. I liked i...
I just happen to open UBER app in Tokyo. I saw three cars ... It was my understanding UBER is not allowed. So, I checked. The UBER is Japan is TAXI DISPATCH service. Next time, I should try it so I ca...
It is avaiable at Seven Eleven Japan.
It is the famous electric town. If you want to buy something electric from the watches to PC, DVR to LED, you can find them here at Akihabara. Also this is the home of Japanese girls singing group AKB...
Do you know which anime features those characters?
Here are some of the places you can eat around Akasaka-Mitsuke subway station. Can you I guess what have chosen? The answer is in the comment.
What is the minimum wage in Tokyo? Can people live in this wage in Tokyo? Who makes this minimum in Tokyo? Good questions.