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What do you say to greet people before new year. You would say "Kotoshimo Arigatou Gozaimashita." "Rainen mo Yoroshiku Onegaiitashimasu." "Yoi Otoshio Omukae Kusasai." 今年もありがとうございました。 来年もよろしくお願い致します。 ...
There are thing you usually say in Japan when you meet someone for that first time in the new year. - Shinnen Akemashite Omedetou Goaimasu "Happy New Year" - Kotoshimo Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu "I l...
Good Morning - Hello - Good Evening in Japanese Please click the headset icon below to listen. Your browser does not support iframes. This audio embed is using the service called Click It Audio by PSP...
There is a tradition in Japan to give people gifts in the winter and summer. Winter gifts are called "Oseibo お歳暮' Summer gifts are called "Ocyuugen お中元" We at PSPinc sends gift to our customers in Jap...
Can you read some of the station Names? I am from Kobe ... I missed 4 out of 11. 読めるだけで、もう上品。#真の阪急電車ユーザー にしか解けない駅名クイズ
How are you watching Japanese Movies and TVs Shows in your area? YouTUBE, NETFLIX, AMAZON or DVD?
Next time when you take off from the airport in Japan, take look outside. It is a custom to see ground crew waving at your airplane and bow before they go back to whatever they were doing. I think it ...
When I go to Japan and get hungry ... I often visit a convenience store and buy a sandwich and salad. Cheap quick and healthy ... and most of all they are so good. Do you agree?
it started to snow in Seattle/Bellevue on Christmas Eve. We wish you all have a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday from all of us at
Japan has many festivals called Matsuri. When you travel to japan, you should check what kind of Matsuri is available. When you search Matsuri ... use "祭"