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You cannot ask for anything more ... This is a very popular Japanese lunch.
If you can tech Japanese, please register at We are in the process of creating a database of Japanese language tech era whom we can refer people ...
Omotenashi. In Japan, there is a deep-rooted culture, which comes from sado (tea ceremony), called omotenashi, meaning to wholeheartedly look after guests. The term is a microcosm of the country itsel...
Now Japanese-Online is starting Teacher Registration Service at Japanese-Online site. If you tech Japanese langue online or in-person, please take a moment to register. ...
Eyeglasses are cheaper in Japan. You can get quality eyeglasses for $30.
Have you ever had Takoyaki? You have to try them when you ever travel to Japan. It is not difficult to cook at home if you have Takoyaki plate. I found one on Amazon.
Why do you want to learn Japanese? What makes you attracted to Japan or Japanese language? Is it an Anime? Is it a friend? Is it a culture? Is it a travel? Is it a job? What is it?
This is the Japanese food for all Japanese.
You can shop around and find some of the least expensive pair pf eye glasses in Japan. I bought a pair for $30. 369 Plus Glasses