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In Japan, when you ply golf, you take a lunch break after 9 holes. I ordered seafood ramen today. Even thought it was at the golf course, it tasted better and cheaper than the one in the US.
Do you like Japanese sweets?
This is one part of Japan not many talk about. But there are many businesses serving adult entertainment (red light) in Japan. I do not know if this topic is suited to Japamese-Online or not.
By looking at this picture, can you tell whether it was taken in Tokyo or Osaka?
Although they announce there is a I termed service on the train, unless you already have an account with one or more providers, there is no internet connection on the train. They should stop misleadin...
It is not possible to do wire transfer in Japan unless you have an address or bank account in Japan. I did not know this until this morning I try to wire nd money.
いかの塩辛 Ika no Shiokara Many Japanese like it but not so much for foreigners....
Do you know what Natto is? If you do, do you like it? There are many different brand of Natto in Japan.
After like 8:00pm, bentos are discounted at supermarket in Japan.
1000 yen lunch including one drink. For $9.00 ... it is great. No tipping in Japan.