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You don't call anyone by the first name until you know the person so well.
One of the best ways to enjoy Tempra is to have them cook rogation front of you and served as they cook. They are so great. When you are in Japan, you must try this.
Japan has a lot to offer. From the rich history and newest inventions, people find many things about Japan that is interesting. What do you like about the most.
It is rare but you still find some street food vendors and shops in Japan. Try them when you are in Japan.
Ema 絵馬 ... Means Painted Hourse Ema supposed take whatever you write on it takes it to the heaven. So you write what you wish and hang it on the tree or Ema hangers. You can find Ema in Shrines or Tem...
One of the things you should look into is visiting Japanese gardens. You can often find them at Temples, Shrines, Parks and Hotels. Those pictures are taken at New Otani Hotel in Alaska, Tokyo.
The biggest city in the State of Washington is Seattle. And Seattle is a sister city of Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. Both are harbor and port city.
This was what we talked about on April 1 at PSPinc website. You thought we were kidding.
New Kit Kat Flavors. Only in Japan.
Have you ever heard about the hotel called APA Hotel. It is very successful chain of hotel in Japan. Rooms are very small but they are very clean. It includes buffet breakfast. It is usually cheaper t...