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Japanese-American communities in LA and surrounding cities are very tight and strong. I have attended at charity golf tournament today. I did not play so well but it was very educational.
I ate dinner at Shinsengumi in LA. Shabu-Shabu ... Wonderful restaurant in Torrance, California. Do you have any good Japanese restaurant in your area?
Omusugi is the original Japanese to-go food. I love them. Do you?
一天にわかに掻き曇る Itten Niwakani Kakimumoru It means, the weather turned dark suddenly....
One of the favorite foods in Japan is curry. It is different from original Indian curry. I like both Indian and Japanese. Which on do you like? I went to Indian Buffet near my office in Bellevue. Beca...
Mayumi Nakamura, president of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., came back from Japan and brought few sweets from Japan. Do you recognize any of them?
Such a lovely voice.
Do you like Japanese beef?
There are few requests for Japanese tutoring using Skype ... We will be soon starting to create a Japanese language teacher database. So we can introduce teachers to the students. Are you interested???
I saw this car today, Do you know what 藤原豆腐店 is? Do you like Initial D, the anime?...