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New Kit Kat Flavors. Only in Japan.
Have you ever heard about the hotel called APA Hotel. It is very successful chain of hotel in Japan. Rooms are very small but they are very clean. It includes buffet breakfast. It is usually cheaper t...
For Japanese, Cherry Blossom has a lot of meaning. There are many songs that names include "Sakura". Sakura usually mean short but beautiful life. Also the Sakura represents "Graduation". Here are som...
Have a Happy Easter! Easter is holiday Japanese people do not celebrate. Japan is usually good at commercializing all holidays.
Uchikura & Co is looking for a distributor in the US and Canada for this colored sawdust painting kit from Japan. If you are looking for something unique to sell, please let us know. We can private la...
Product naming in Japan. There are many products in Japan that has alphabets as the name. "Calpis" and "Creap" are very famous for weird names for westerners. Japanese people do not understand the mea...
Uniqlo Co., Ltd. (株式会社ユニクロ, Kabushiki-gaisha Yunikuro) (US: /ˈjuːnikloʊ/ YOO-nee-klo; Japanese pronunciation: [jɯɲikɯɾo]) is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. The company has...
Omamori is a Japanese version of Good Luck Charm. You can goto any temple or shrine to buy Omamori. I buy one when I need to wish for something.
Japanese people likes to sit, eat and drink around cherry trees. It is called Ohanami (お花見).