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Fuji Apple was developed in Japan back in 1930 and was introduced to the market in 1960s. It is one of the most popular apples in the USA. This is a picture of Fuji Apple and Gala Apple.
There are three class of bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka. - Nozomi - Hikari - Kodama Your Japan Rail Pass covers Hikari and Kodama but Nozomi is excluded. Nozomi covers Tokyo to Shin-Osaka (552....
When you go to Japan, one of the first things that you find there would be how clean the street is. Another thing that you notice would be ... where is the trash bin? (There is usual none.) Do you kno...
Japanese Beef ... There are some high-end steak houses in the US serve Wagyu. Have you ever had Wagyu before? What do you think about it?
There are class of vehicles that are called Keiyonrin 軽四輪 (Light Four Wheel) cars in Japan. The biggest engine they can have is 660cc and some are turbo charged. Those cars have yellow license plates ...
You really need to try Tonkatsu (if you can) in Japan. Ton = Pork Katsu = Cutlet They are so good.
People are packed into a train in Japan. You might want to avoid it but your might want to try it too.
Japan is an island country and there are many volcanos. And where there is a volcano, there is a hot springs. Hot springs is Japan is called ONSEN. The sign on the map for ONSEN is ♨. Some people thin...
Ramen ranges from 300 yen to 1,200 yen in Japan. Of cause there are more expensive ones, but Ramen supposed to be fast and cheap food. In the US, Ramen and Gyoza set cost over $15 and sales tax and ti...
is anime a good reason for you to learn Japanese language? Do you like to watch and understand Japanese anime in its native language? If you like anime, what anime do you like?