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It's amazing there are so many people out at 4:33 in the morning.
Helloween is getting popular in Japan. It is more like helloween cosutume party in Japan. Happy helloween everyone.
I found one of the most popular spots in Japan live. OR
Fall reason is the best season to visit Japan. I am traveling to Japan starting end of this month.
Whatt do you think of this list? I thnk some of them are right on but some are questionable.
Do you like Wagyu? They are very popular in the US.
Do you think Japanese keyboards are created adding Japanese on top of English keyboards? Look again. Find @ on this keyboard. I have a hard time using this keyabord at Internet Cafe.
What anime do you like. I really enjoy this anime called Miss Hokusai. Do you know who Katsushika Hokusai is? You might want to search him on the net.
I am traveling to Japan starting at evening of 10/31. I have never flown Air China to Japan via Beijing. It is going to be 26 hour trip sttopping over in Los Angeles and Beijing before arriving in Kan...
Of cause ... Arigato. If you do thing to make people say Arigato to you ... you are doing very well.