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I am traveling to Taiwan in two weeks. This will be my second trip to this country. I will be reporting from COMPUTEX ... one of the largest computer shows in the world. I really love the culture ther...
Those ares some incredible footage of Tokyo. How much has Japan / Tokyo changed in 100 years. I would love to visit Tokyo of 100 years ago. Lady's sound saying "いらっしゃいませ" at around 3:07 sounds exactly...
Is it only me that think Hollywood make Anime into a crap. I am a fan of "Ghost on the Shell 攻殻機動隊" anime ... but not a live action movie. Besides, Hollywood likes to change the story to make it simpl...
I really love Japanese airport ground crews stand in line wad wave you off. Don't you think it is cool?
Is this the type of contents people want at
I have ordered two booths for Uchikura & Co. at Japan Fair 2018 which will take place at Bellevue Maydenbauer Center on Jy-une 7 and 8. We will be selling items from Japan a...
Have you ever head WA GYU (和牛) Japanese beef? Do you like it?...
Sometime I get an urge to eat steaming hot ramen and rice. It is not good for my diet but ... They are so good and cheap in Japan.
Tokyo metro subway system ... it is still glowing. In Tokyo, there is no need to rent a car there. You just learn how to use subway system. You can go anywhere with subway and train system. They are c...
Have you heard about this group???