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You can not get the sin Japan. Don't get me wrong, Japan has one of the best foods in the world. But when I come back from Japan, I want to eat Ezell's Famous Chicken.
When you fly to Japan, there are many airports t choose from. Here are some of the popular choices. (1) Narita (New Tokyo) International Airport in Chiba Japan (NRT) (2) Haneda Tokyo International Air...
Here are what we have posted as an audio on the blog. Good Morning, Hello, Good Evening ... Your browser does not support iframes. Happy New Year ... Your browser does not support iframes. Asking Ques...
We are starting to upgrade little by little. The image you see was what Japanese-Online looks like in 2008. We need a lot of work.
What do you mean when someone says "you are not reading the air"? Kuuki Yome くうきよめ Read the air Kuuki Yomenai くうきよめない Unable to read the mood (air) Nemawashi ねまわし Making necessary arrangements Hairyo ...
Japanese language does not have any space between the words. So, my name is written Kenichi. English speaking people pronounce my name as Ke ni chi. three syllables. But Japanese people pronounce my n...
Daughter 「おとうさんだいふきっ」 Father 「//ん~?突然どうした~お父さんもだーいふきだよ~♡」 Daughter 「違う。台ふき取って。早く」 Daughter "Father DAIFUKI" Father "I am DAIFUKI too" Daughter "No. DAIFUKI / Pass me a towel" Daifuki だいふき Towel Daisuk...
At a supermarket register ... Customer: When is your next day off? Cashier: I am open every except Saturday. Customer: I am asking about the day store closes. It is funnier in Japanese because in Japa...
This is actually funny. It really could happen. Many Japanese people has a perception of what Japanese should link like.
How do you make sentences into something that you asking the others to agree with you. Your browser does not support iframes.