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Daughter 「おとうさんだいふきっ」 Father 「//ん~?突然どうした~お父さんもだーいふきだよ~♡」 Daughter 「違う。台ふき取って。早く」 Daughter "Father DAIFUKI" Father "I am DAIFUKI too" Daughter "No. DAIFUKI / Pass me a towel" Daifuki だいふき Towel Daisuk...
At a supermarket register ... Customer: When is your next day off? Cashier: I am open every except Saturday. Customer: I am asking about the day store closes. It is funnier in Japanese because in Japa...
This is actually funny. It really could happen. Many Japanese people has a perception of what Japanese should link like.
How do you make sentences into something that you asking the others to agree with you. Your browser does not support iframes.
Even street foods are good in Japan. What kind of food do you like?
Your browser does not support iframes. Where is ____? _______ wa Dokodesuka. _______ はどこですか。 Deguchi でぐち Exit Toire トイレ Toilet Okaikei おかいけい Casher Ta-Minaru ターミナル Terminal Eki えき Station Basutei ばすてい...
One of the best places to eat fresh Sashimi and Sushi is located in Osaka near JR Osaka / Hankyu Umeda station. I will go there when I go back to japan next time. Will you join me? http://maguroya-nak...
Your browser does not support iframes. 織田信長 Oda Nobunaga: 「鳴かぬなら、殺してしまえ ホトトギス」 "If you don't sing for me, kill it." 豊臣秀吉 Toyotomi Hideyoshi: 「鳴かぬなら、鳴かせてみせよう ホトトギス」 "If you don't sing for me, I make yo...
Do you know what this is? How do you call this in Japanese? If you do not know what it is ... here is the link.
Your browser does not support iframes. Dameda だめだ No way Akan あかん No way Arigatou ありがとう Thank you Ookini おおきに Tnhank you Ikura いくら How much? Nanbo なんぼ How much? Honto ほんとう Really? Honma ほんま Really? Ma...