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From Tokyo station to Sghin Osaka ... about 500km (310 miles) in 2 and half hours. It costs about $180 on the first class. I love the ride.
I had great dinner with my new friends in Shibuya.
Even a rush hour looks pretty in Japan so long as I am not in it. Traffic in Tokyo can get really bad, so people tale subways and trains instead.
Coffee shop neat my hotel is serving breakfast for 480yen ... this includes a franchise toast and a tall iced coffee. Every nice and cheap.
In Japan coffee cream (half and half like) are called FRESH. The powdered creamers are not called FREASH. It is only real cream what is call FREASH. I guess people called it FRESH MILK or FRASH CREAM ...
I cam,e across the Hanno Festival in Hanno Japan.
Soba Noodle and Okra and Soft Bolid Egg Rice. Simple but great meal for 550 yen (US$5.00) in Tokyo. If you look a riound there are many great places to eat for not much money.
No it is not wagyu beef steak. It is an American style angus beef steak in Japan. You can get this at 6.9yen per gram ... this is 400 gra, (16 oz) steak for just about $25. You NA not beat this deal.
There is a Matsuri going on where I am staying.
You can just go to any supermarket and find great meals in Japan.