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Eggs Benedict is one of the very popular dish in Japan. But this happened in last 10 years. We never seen this dish when I was living in Japan.
I just watched "Miso Hungry" on Amazon Prime video. It was interring. May be it is time for me to go back to Japan. Misi Hungry Trailer
Nabe is a Japanese word for a pot. But if you use the same word for food, it refers to hot pot like you see here. If you are in Japan in the winter, make sure you look for NABE restaurants. This was a...
喫茶店のスパゲティ I wanted to eat Japanese Coffee Shop (Kissaten) Spaghetti today. So, I made it. It is a ketchup based spaghetti. I have a craving for it sometime. I will have salad with it ... If you think ...
Bento ... Are you hungry?
The snow started Monday last week and it is still here.
Grilled SaltedPacific Saury. If you can and enjoy eating this (サンマの塩焼き) you are truly Japanese....
What kind of Japanese sweets do you like? Do you like sweet back (red) beans? They are called Azuki or Anko. あずき&あんこ...
There seems to be some snow in Narita. I hope my staff can travel back to Seattle Safely on Monday. Take care.
"Chou Onsoku" menas Super Sonic in Japanese. I live in Seattle which lost a NBA Team Super Sonics. When I saw this shirt, I need to register a domain What am I going to do with the doma...