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One of the most popular Japanese foods are UDON (うどん) You pick the toppings and create your own meal....
There are many beer claiming to be non-alcoholic ... but I only see beer that truly nonalcoholic and zero carols ... Actually it is not an alcoholic beverage at all so kids can buy them (although what...
Did you know fried chicken is very popular in Japan? No, I am not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am talking about Japanese style fried chicken called Karaage (唐揚げ). Many Japanese people eat K...
We will be starting Japanese-Online Newsletter (メルマガ = Mail Magazine) soon. We have the subscription page now online. If you are interested, please sign=up. It is no charge for now. http://japanese-on...
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Japanese style quick lunch for about US$10.
Many super markets and shopping malls have food court. Foods are good and very inexpensive. Here are two of the most popular food items at Japanese food court.,
Language and music are deeply entwined. They are sisters to each other, both rooted in rhythm, tone, and melody. Likewise, they both have a learning curve to the newcomer. But, the beauty is, these tw...
We are starting Japanese-Online newsletter very soon. We are working on the subscription form. We will keep you posted.
Many small chain of Japanese restaurants, you select what you want to eat and pay at the vending machine. The machine give you a ticket and you take it to the counter. That is how you order. Have you ...