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In general, said is not considered a meal by itself in Japan. When you go to a wester style restaurant, you will receive a salad in small bowl in Japan. So if you are traveling to Japan and hoping to ...
This was the most powerful typhoon to land Japan since 1993 (25 years ago). It has landed Kobe in 2:00pm Some if the footage shot by people.
Have you seen this movie? I liked it.
The performer is Shijaku Katsura (桂枝雀) . Rakugo (落語) is the traditional Japanese art of comic storytelling . The story is always in the form of a conversation between two or more characters ....
What is the Kei Car? 経 means Light 自動車 means Car It meant light car. Current Kei Car has 660cc engine. Vehicle length and width below 3.40 m (11 ft 2 in) and 1.48 m (4 ft 10 in)....
Typhoon i coming to Japan again ... Please be careful. I hope everything will be fine. From all of us to people in Japan. 日本の皆様、台風に気をつけてください。...
When was the last time you visited Do you have any request?
Owning, Buying, Selling guns in Japan are strictly regulated and prohibited by laws in Japan. But what are they going to do when guns can be made using 3D Printer? Of cause they will try to regulate i...
Fall / Autumn is a season for fresh Sanma (Pacific Saury). Many westerners have hard time eating fish with the head. You don't eat the head (actually some do). Sanma is one of the most fastest fishes ...
The event will be open to the public on Saturday, October 6 with tons of fun activities! :D Share this poster with your friends and come to join this year's Japan Week!