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When you go to a public park in anywhere in Japan, you see people picking up trashes. They are not paid by the city or traffic violators doing community service. They are just people living around the...
Intersting video.
I drank a milk tea that is completely clear. It is made in Japan and tastes and smells like milk tea but it is completely clear. What is the point? Other than the fact that it is quite amazing, there ...
Shinjuku Golden Gai (新宿ゴールデン街) is a small area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. It is famous both as an area of architectural interest and for its nightlife
When the last train leaves the station, city becomes very quiet in most places. But there are places in Tokyo that is non stop all night ... until the first train arrives. Night time is still safe to ...
Most facilities like public baths, hot springs, swimming pools in Japan prohibits people from entering when you have a tattoo ... even a tattoo is very small. If the tattoo is small, you can buy a ban...
This plus Sashimi, Rice and Miso Soup for $27.00 Not too bad.
There are many choices in japan for fine cup of coffee. Of cause there is Starbucks ... Do you know any other. I personally like 100 yen cup of coffee at Seven Eleven.
One of the best reason to visit Japan is to visit Onsen. You can go to Onsen as a day trip or you can stay overnight. There are few things you should know ...
Interesting video.