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One of the sections that we are working is called "Events" ... In addition to hose listed above, if you think I should include some events, please contact me.
In Japanese lingo, it is "reading the air" (空気を読む)and for every person deemed to be lacking in such skill, the term "KY" ("cannot read the air, "Kuki Yomenai," 空気読めない) is ruthlessly (albeit sometimes ...
When you come home (back) ... people say 「おかえりなさい」(Okaerinasai). Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい) is a Japanese greeting on returning home. 帰る(Kaeru) means returning home. The same "Kaeru" also mean カエル(flog). A...
Japanese Foods Here ares some of the Japanese food you should try when you visit Japan. There are much more local and traditional Jaopanese foods which you need to discover yourself. > Nattō 納豆 Nattō ...
The language section is complete ... we re starting to wrk on the culture section. There will be a lot of information. If you would like to know something specific about the Japanese language and cult...
The language section is complete ... we ares rating to work on Culture section.
---------- に行きたいです。(いきたいです) ---------- Ni Ikitaidesu. 東京 オリンピックに 行きたいです。 とうきょう おりんぴっくに いきたいです。 Tokyo Olympic Ni Ikitaidesu. Question 東京 オリンピックに 行きたいですか。 とうきょう おりんぴっくに いきたいですか。 Tokyo Olympic Ni Ikitaid...
I love Gyoza ... I can eat a half of this plate ... How do you order Gyoza? 餃子 を 2皿 ください ぎょうざ を ふたさら ください Give me two plates of Gyoza I am working on rebuilding and upgrading https://www.japanese-onli...
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