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Japanese people likes to sit, eat and drink around cherry trees. It is called Ohanami (お花見).
Do you like Japanese Sake? For a while Japanese sake consumption in Japan was down but recently sake is coming back due to the effort from the Sakagura 酒蔵 in Japan. There are many 地酒 Local Sake in Jap...
There are different permit for different size of engine. - Gnetsuki 原付き ~50cc - Cyugata 中型 ~400cc - Oogata 大型 ~No Limit When you transfer (if possible) your motorcycle endorsement to Japanese license,...
We created Post In Heaven so that you can write anything you want without worrying about anyone will read it. This message board is design for you to write and post but it only posts in your heart. Yo...
Interesting video.
One way to save money in transportation within Japan is to use Japan Rail Pass. One thing you need to know is that you are not allowed to use JRP to raise Nozomi Super Express Trains. You cam still ri...
Japan is the only country where you will find the variety of Kit Kat flavors. This Kit Kat is linked to Kit Kat website in Japan.
If you know what Anime I am talking about by looking at this car ... You really are an anime fan. What anime is this?
What do you ringback from Japan? In our office, when someone come back from Japan, they bring some sweets. I personally bring back おむすび Omusubi...