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My parents send me a picture of their lunch at Sushiro (Kaiten Sushi) which was doing 100 yen Tuna (Maguro) sushi. They look great. I wish I were there.
Soba noodle and ice cream. Really? I don't think they go together so well.
I am traveling to Taiwan in two weeks. This will be my second trip to this country. I will be reporting from COMPUTEX ... one of the largest computer shows in the world. I really love the culture ther...
Those ares some incredible footage of Tokyo. How much has Japan / Tokyo changed in 100 years. I would love to visit Tokyo of 100 years ago. Lady's sound saying "いらっしゃいませ" at around 3:07 sounds exactly...
Is it only me that think Hollywood make Anime into a crap. I am a fan of "Ghost on the Shell 攻殻機動隊" anime ... but not a live action movie. Besides, Hollywood likes to change the story to make it simpl...
I really love Japanese airport ground crews stand in line wad wave you off. Don't you think it is cool?
Is this the type of contents people want at
I have ordered two booths for Uchikura & Co. at Japan Fair 2018 which will take place at Bellevue Maydenbauer Center on Jy-une 7 and 8. We will be selling items from Japan a...
Have you ever head WA GYU (和牛) Japanese beef? Do you like it?...
Sometime I get an urge to eat steaming hot ramen and rice. It is not good for my diet but ... They are so good and cheap in Japan.