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Do you even know what this is?
If you have a change to be there ... You really should go there. I have never been there but I always wanted to go there ... one my bucket list items. The Awa Dance Festival (阿波踊り Awa Odori) is held f...
Japan Fair will be held on July 7 and 8 at Bellevue Meydenbauer Center. Please come see us.
Does anyone know what this building is? This building appears on many Japanese movies including anime movies.
Did you know Tokyo Haneda Airport was ranked the cleanest airport in the world? Here are the top 10 cleanest airports. The World's Cleanest Airports 1 Tokyo Haneda 2 Centrair Nagoya 3 Incheon 4 Taiwan...
Another Japanese anime title turned into a real FX movie by Hollywood. I hope this one does better than the Ghost in the Shell. Hollywood manage to butcher the storyline.
My friend gave me this 水羊羹 Mizu-Yokado, a type of Japanese sweets when I was in Japan. This is so good. Many people in the west do not associate red bean (any type of beans) to anything sweet. In japa...
When you want to meet someone in Shijyuku, people usually pick ALTA as a place to meet. It is located right access the street from JR Shinjyuku Station and is one of the first building in Japan with b...
Learning Japanese.
Kaisen = Fresh Seafood Donburi = Deep Dish Every for that served with rice and topping is called Donburi. For instance: Tamag Donburi = UnaDon = Egg Donburi Tempura Donburi = TenDon Unagi Donburi = Un...