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We are at jaoan Fair 2018. We just finished the first day, please come vist us tomorrow. Http://
It is an interesting TV. Welcome to Japan.
My calculator is 35 years old. It needs new batteries so I ordered them from Amazon today. They well get here in few days. I really like this calculator and I see no reason to replace it. Things that ...
When I travel to Japan ... I bring back some things from Japan. This is what I brought back last time. Can you tell what they are?
If you are Japanese language teaching professional, please contact me with your Home Page URL, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and other social media site. Japanese-Online would love to hear from you. ...
I do not know how much of this true. And I have no intention of finding out. You should not either.
Belgium vs. Japan Japan lost to Belgium ... Zannnenndeshita. ざんねんでした。 Japan did well ... よく頑張った。...
This is a great story of a ramen shop in the middle of the field. I saw this on NHK WORLD.
Wabi-Sabi In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Japanese do not really admire perfection ... The idea is that nothing...
"Fukkin-Joshi," or Six-Pack-Women is a term that's becoming popular in Japan. We meet trainer and model AYA, who's inspiring women to sculpt their bodies and toughen their minds. https://www.facebook....