Always Carry Your Passport i...
Buisness as usual: A police officer takes a passport from a passenger at Narita International Airport, Chiba Prefecture, during a security check in August 2013. Tourists staying in Japan for less than...
Only in Anime
Guns are banned in japan or they are strictly controlled. I heard one point that even a police guns have no bullet in the first chamber. This does not mean Japan has no mass murders ... just guns are ...
Trade Shows in Japan
Tokyo Motor Show, Omocha (Toy) Show and other trade shows in Japan may be the place to go. When you know you are going to Japan, check what kind of trade shows are available while you are in Japan.
Destination Osaka
Many people go to Tokyo and Kyoto when they go to Japan. But you should extend your visit to Osaka. If you like good foods, Osaka is your destination. Those pictures are taken at Dotonbori.
Bars with Maximum Capacity o...
Shinjyuku Golden Gai (Street) has some of the smallest bars in Japan but it is always packed with people.
Barber Shop in Japan
When you go to Japan, try visiting a barber shop in Japan. You should look for haircut and shave and shampoo price for 2,500 ~ 3,900 yen. You don't need to go to places that charges any more. I would ...
Stadium is being build near Shi...
The next summer Olympic is 2 and 1/2 Years away.
Kaiten Sushi ... Sushi made quick and inexpensive.
Tonkatsu とんかつ定食
Night Life in Tokyo
Tokyo never sleeps ... well, at least not until the last train leaves. Did you enjoy nights in Tokyo? Tell us if you can. Whatever happens in Tokyo will stay in Tokyo ... I guess.