Negi Ramen
Here in the US, we often spend $10+ for a bowl of ramen. Plus tip and tax makes it $12 ~ $14. Of cause you can find some expensive ramen in Japan, but ramen in general are considered cheap and fast. S...
This picture was taken on Oct....
Japanese people like to look at moon and drink sake. The October moon is called Chushu no Meigetsu 中秋の名月...
Tempura ... Cooked in front of...
Have you ever had tempura where chef cooks it right in front of you and server you hot tempura? You need to try this. One of the best Japanese foods you can find.
I do not know if Hooters was ...
Of cause when you go to Japan, you want to eat Japanese food. They are so good and much cheaper in Japan (usually). But if you really need to eat wester food, they are there as well.
Jimmy John's
You cannot find huge meals like in the USA in Japan. That might be one of the reasons people in Japan in general are smaller than the people in the US. In addition, people rely on the public transport...
Coffee in Japan
There are many Starbucks stores in Japan. But when you visit Japan, try some Japanese coffees including Dotour Coffee and Convenience Store coffee.
A Capsule Toy
Capsule Toy vending machines in Japan. It is also called Gacha, GachaGacha, Gatapon. Do you know what it is???
Gyoza no Ohsho
One of the most popular restaurants in Japan is called "Gyoza no Ohsho". It is chain of Chinese Style Food restaurant famous for Gyoza dumplings. There are many popular restaurant chains in Japan that...
Fuji and Gala Apple
Fuji Apple was developed in Japan back in 1930 and was introduced to the market in 1960s. It is one of the most popular apples in the USA. This is a picture of Fuji Apple and Gala Apple.
Bullet Train .....
There are three class of bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka. - Nozomi - Hikari - Kodama Your Japan Rail Pass covers Hikari and Kodama but Nozomi is excluded. Nozomi covers Tokyo to Shin-Osaka (552....