Japanese Online Newsletter Vol. 56 四苦八苦(しくはっく)
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「しくはっく」とは、(なに)かが原因(げんいん)非常(ひじょう)(くる)しんでいる状態(じょうたい)(あらわ)します。この言葉(ことば)元々(もともと)仏教(ぶっきょう)(おし)えの()()4 つの(くる)しみ)である、「(しょう)」「(ろう)」「(びょう)」「()」に、「(あい)(べつ)()()」「(おん)(ぞう)()()」「()()(とく)()」「()(おん)(じょう)()」の4つを(くわ)えたものです。








Four Pains and Eight Suffering

The term "shikuhakku" refers to a state of extreme suffering caused by something. This word was originally coined from the four sufferings of Buddhism: birth, old age, sickness, and death. As well as four others: the pain of separation from love, the pain of grudges and hatred, the pain of not getting what one seeks, and the pain of the five elements.

Old age

These are the four basic types of suffering.

The pain of separation from a loved one.
The pain of having to meet with someone you hate.
The pain of not being able to get what you want.
The five yin elements are the suffering of color, reception, thought, action, and insight.

Color: Matter
Reception: Emotions
Thought: Our perception of the world
Action: action
Insight: all things

"Shikuhakku" are physical, emotional, and circumstantial, an example being "I'm having a hard time doing my homework”. / 「宿題をするのに四苦八苦しています。」The etymology of the word is very meaningful, but its usage is rather light, meaning "I am struggling”.

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