Japanese Online Newsletter Vol. 43 肉食女子と草食男子 (にくしょくじょしとそうしょくだんし)
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Carnivorous Women and Herbivorous Men


Carnivore can be used as a term to describe being active or quick to act. Therefore, a carnivorous woman means a woman who is active and takes the lead. On the contrary, herbivore is used to describe a person who is quiet and gentle or weak. Therefore, a herbivorous man means a frail man.


Recently, it has been said that carnivorous girls and herbivorous boys have increased in number. In Japan, women are generally considered to be more ladylike and men more powerful. However, more now than ever before, it is said that women are more energetic and men are more docile.


Would you be happy if you were called a carnivorous woman or a herbivorous man?

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