Many pastries
Many pastries

Many pastries

Many pastries

In Japanese convenience stores, they have many pastries.

There are so many variety of pastries and we can choose from them.

Then, I wanna introduce two pastries from these.

First, this is "Melon bread". It's sweet bread because it's used sugar. But it's not including melon! (1つ目に”メロンパン”です。メロンパンは砂糖が使われているので、甘いパンです。ですが、メロンは含まれていません!)
The reason of this name is that this design looks like melon. So we might call "Melon bread".(この名前理由は模様がメロンのように見えるからです。だから私たちはメロンパンと呼ぶのかもしれません。)

Second, this is "Yakisoba dog". It's that Yakisoba is split between bread.
I think it looks weird for you guys.

Let's try to eat Japanese pastries!