Walking Billboard ... Street Per...
Those people doressed like Samura Era and play music to promote something. They are called Chinodonya. ちんどん屋 The word Chindoonya breaks in to three parts. (1) Chin ... Sound of Bell (2) Don ... Sound ...
Takoyaki たこやき
What is Takoyaki? One of my favorite Japanese disk ... Fastfood.
Wax Food Sample
When you go to restaurants in Japan, some of them have display what they serve using wax models. They are very well made and help you order what you want.
Donburi ... Not Poke
One of the best dishes in Japan is "Chirashi" ... If you go to places like "Ameyoko", there are several vendors who service Donburi style dhilke like the one in the pictre. There are many places serve...
My Friend Owns & Opertate M...
Marijuwana is illigal in Japan. So even if you are coming from the places that marijuwana is legal, make sure you don't carry any of that to Japan. Washington State, where I am at, marijuwana is legal...
Tokyo Metro Subways
Tokyo has one of the most developed subway system in the world. You can pretty much go anywhere inside tokyo metro area using subway. It is clean and confortable (exept the rush hours) and on time. Tr...
Drug Stores in Japan
One of the places people from overseas shop when they come to Japan is drugstores. They sell medicine to vitamins and suppliments to cosmetics ... they are very popular. When youvisit Japan, be sure t...
Christmas in Japan
Japan is not a Christian country ... as a matter of fact, people go to Temple, Shrine and Church in same day and not feel anything wrong with it in many cases. But when it comes to Cristmas, eveybody ...
This my Suica.
SUICA is a prepaid rail pass card which now can be used for trains, buses and shopping.
Rakugo 落語
Do you know what Rakugo is? You should search Tatsura Sunshine om You Tube ... You learn a lot about Japanese.