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Have you ever wonder what is the standard power outlets in Jaoan? Here they are.
Now we have connection with the company which can produce Handmade wood coaster with laser inscribed company name or logo as company glve always. If you are looking for an unique gifts, please conside...
China Town in Kobe is called Nanking Town 南京町 You can eat Ramen for 300 yen on the street. I had Ramen Set fot 950yen including tax. People who work there pronounce Japanese language like people from ...
What is Manzai? Japanese comic usually performed by two people. Yoshimoto is the company that is the major player in Japan. Their main stage is call Namba Grand Kagets. A lot of people there.
Japan used to have a national retail stystem called JNR, Japan National Rail. They were privatized and it is called JR, Japan Rail. They cover most areas of Japan but there are a few private rail comp...
Ther are so many tourists visiting Kuromon Market. It is so amazing. Look at the amount of people in those picture.
This dealership opened at New Otani Hotel, Tokyo on Feb. 9. It is like a car museum except it is free to get in.
I used subway (underground), Shinkansen (butter trail) and local rail to move from Hotel in Tokyo to a house in Ashiya. If yopu plan well, it is very efficient and cost effective.
I’m traveling west today. I’m eating my 1130yen lunch on the train. Yummy....
I do not understand why this is even legal in Japan. Propel dressed up as Nintendo characters ... Hmm Is this an altar action for foreigners?