Free WiFi
Every tome I visit Japan, I find more Free WiFi. That is a good thing.
Aojiru ... It does not taste bad.
I got this as a gift ... I have been drinking it everyday. It is called Aojiru ... 青汁 It is very popular in Japan.
Do you know where this is?
It is a Christmas in the US. It is very quiet around here. I hope you are enjoying the holidays and end of the year. Thank you for visiting
One More Week t...
We have just one more week left this year. Do you have new year resolutions? What kind of year do you want to make 2019 to be? Next year is the year of boar.
Do you like Sushi or Unagi
How about both?
I am going to go there next ti...
This is one of favorite restaurants in Tokyo. I will go there next time I am in Tokyo ... I hope I have time.とんき-目黒店-目黒区-2...
What is Sushi?
We all know what sushi is ... or do we?
Japanese Language Teacher Re...
If you are a Japanese language teacher ... Please register at It is a free service off
Japanese Language Tutor
We asked people to register as a Japanese language tutor at After people has registered, we have send the question to qualify ... The result is=, now we have three peopl...
This is my second bowl!
Few weeks ago, we have cooked Japanese curry at our office. It was a hit. We should do it again soon.