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No it is not wagyu beef steak. It is an American style angus beef steak in Japan. You can get this at 6.9yen per gram ... this is 400 gra, (16 oz) steak for just about $25. You NA not beat this deal.
There is a Matsuri going on where I am staying.
You can just go to any supermarket and find great meals in Japan.
There are few places I know that have street food. They are usually cheap but lately places are busy with frorigners are prices are going up.
I had a wonderful Sashimi Lunch for 1,080Yen ... That is no more than $10.00 That is including tax and there is no tipping. You cannnot have this in the US for this price.
ただいま is a word you use to say “I am back.” When you hear someone says ただいま, you reply おかえりなさい. Okaerinasai means, “Welcome back.” The sign at the Narita Airport says おかえりなさい。...
I am so happy to see JAL coming to fly between Seattle and Narita starting March 30, 2019. I used to fly JAP between Seattle and Narita 30 years ago. With is, two of Japanese major airlines, ANA and J...
If you are a Japanese Language teacher, please register at Japanese-Online.com. http://www.japanese-online.com/page/tutor-registration
People in Japan are generally thin and fit compared to other western and industrial nations, especially compared to the USA. But if you are some kind of doest like - Low Carb Diet - Low Sodium Diet - ...
I often asked by people I know to plan a tour of Japan with friends rom Seattle area. I am really considering doing this next spring or fall. I do not want to do this in summer.