Grilled SaltedPacific Saury. If you can and enjoy eating this (サンマの塩焼き) you are truly Japanese....
Japanese Sweets
What kind of Japanese sweets do you like? Do you like sweet back (red) beans? They are called Azuki or Anko. あずき&あんこ...
This is a picture of Seattle / B...
There seems to be some snow in Narita. I hope my staff can travel back to Seattle Safely on Monday. Take care.
超音速 Chouonsoku
"Chou Onsoku" menas Super Sonic in Japanese. I live in Seattle which lost a NBA Team Super Sonics. When I saw this shirt, I need to register a domain What am I going to do with the doma...
Japanese Food
In general Japanese foods are very balanced and healthy compared to the western diet. But if you want to be in specula diets like Low Carb and Low Salt and vegetarian and vegan had halal and kosher, t...
Cooking Gyoza
Cooking frozen gyoza at home. There are many brands of frozen gyoza in Japan. This one happen to be 王将 O-sho. Do you cook gyoza at home? I use vinegar and wasabi to eat them. Most people use vinger, s...
It's No No!!!
What can't you do on the local train?
Voice Menu
What do you think of menu like this?
Bento ... At Nordstrom Departm...
I found this at the Nordstrom store in Bellevue Square. Bento is a Japanese lunch box. This is a good concept. I have to try it sometime. But I really like to see デパ地下 DepaChika / Food section in the ...
Nights in Tokyo
There are different city within the city of Tokyo at night.