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Do you like UNIQLO? They are the third largest clothing retailers in the world after Zara and GAP. http://www.uniqlo.com
I did not know there are so many hidden menus at Yoshinoya.
I often hear people in the US confuse Bonsai 盆栽 and Banzai 万歳. What you see above is Bonsai 盆栽....
No, it is not PoKe. PoKe is getting popular in the US, but this is Japanese style seafood bowl. You can get one in many places in Japan and the price ranges from 800 yen to 2,000yen. I think the one y...
これは美味しいぞ。 This is good tasting. これは空港のラウンジで食べました。 I ate those at Airport Lounge. おむすびは最高です。 Omusubi is the best....
Do you like Japanese sweets? In Japan, (red) beans are cooked with sugar to make sweet paste. So, when I came to the US and tasted salty beans, it was difficult to adopt. Many of Japanese sweets are r...
There are handful of people who registered as a teacher at Japanese-Online. We have not forgotten about you. When we have few more teachers, we will publish the pages with list of you. We will contact...
こんにちは! Today, I want to talk about “食欲の秋 (shokuyoku-no-aki).” “食欲 (shoku-yoku)” means appetite, and “秋 (aki)” is fall. So the phrase literally means “Fall (is the season) for appetite.” In other words...
What you should know about Shinjyuku.
Today was the Japan week at Bellevue College. I went there and purchased couple of things at the flea market. I met some people.