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This picture I took in Japan makes me hungry. I had this for breakfast in Japan ... about $5.00 ... great deal.
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Would you spend $500 ~ $1,000 for a rice cooker? Many Japanese people do. Rice Cooker is called "SUIHANKI" すいはんき (炊飯器) in Japanese....
Can you believe you can buy this pair of kitchen scissors for mere 100 yen in Japan. That is less than an US$1.00. Just amazing!!!
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There are better Kaiten Sushi in Japan. For instance, this one in Nishimoniya is great. People are lining up for lunch.
If this does not makes you hungry for fast Japanese food, nothing will.
I used my Priority Pass to enter an airport lounge at Incheon. This was the first tome I visited this lounge. The lounge is smaller compared to others but the foods are great. If you have a change, go...
I have not organized anything from Japan trip yet. I will update tomorrow.
What can I say. Great food in Japan.