Made in Japan
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It is a very text oriented site r...
I am back into redeveloping the site. It stopped for few days because I had a very important guest from Japan. Japanese-Online サイト再開発を再開 日本からのお客様で開発をストップしていた のサイト再開発を再開しま...
Seattle Welcomes JAL
It is good to have JAL back to Seattle.
QR Code was originally developed in Japan.
I am working on new version of ... It is slow but I am finding some bugs in the old version. I am fixing it as I am building new version using PSPinc's Web Builder http://www.webde...
Bento in Japan
Bento is so good and cheap in Japan.
News site will be open in abou...
All new is currently looking like will open in about 8 weeks. I am using the web development engine developed by PSPinc. This tool makes it possible t table such a big task all by ...
We are starting the big task to...
We just started rebuilding entire The current site will be available until the new site is released!
Steak Salad with Balsamic and...
In Japan, not many places serve salad as main dish for lunch or dinner. I made this myself for my lunch today.
It looks dangerous and ...
It looks dangerous and honestly, they look very stupid. Japanese law allows people to drive go karts on the street with no helmet. More info.