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When I was growing up in Japan, I have never heard of Halal ... but recently when I go to Japan, there are many restaurants that has Halal sign in the front. I believe Halal is available in the city l...
This is a bird's eye view of Tokyo station. This picture was taken from Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi. It was nit that expensive when I stayed there.
PSP can help you build Japanese market both in Japan and in the US. Yes, there is a Japanese market in the US. The first step is to create a Japanese language website. PSP can make your website biling...
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When you say western lunch in Japan ... this is what it looks like. It is call A Lunch ...
We had Japanese curry for lunch. Everyone enjoyed it. We had at least 25 people ...
This picture I took in Japan makes me hungry. I had this for breakfast in Japan ... about $5.00 ... great deal.
If you live in Japan and need .jp domain and web and email hosting, please consider Alpha-Mail 2 by Otsuka Corporation. https://webdirect.tanomail.com/mitsumori/choice.asp This system is developed and...
Would you spend $500 ~ $1,000 for a rice cooker? Many Japanese people do. Rice Cooker is called "SUIHANKI" すいはんき (炊飯器) in Japanese....
Can you believe you can buy this pair of kitchen scissors for mere 100 yen in Japan. That is less than an US$1.00. Just amazing!!!