〰はどこですか? =  Whre is 〰 Words:バス停(Basutei) Meaning:Bus Stop ─ How to use ─ Japanese:バス停はどこですか?(Basu tei ha doko desuka?) Meaning:Where is the bus stop?...
〰はどこですか? =  Whre is 〰 Words:駅(Eki) Meaning:Station ─ How to use ─ Japanese:駅はどこですか?(Eki ha doko desuka?) Meaning:Where is the station?...
Japanese Likes to Abbreviate ...
Japanese people (younger generations) often create new words by shortening or abbreviating words. Here are some examples. Pasokon = Personal Computer Anime = Animation Meado = Mail Address Kenta or KF...
Happy 4th of July
America is celebrating 241st Independence Day. Congratulations = おめでとう = Omedetou...
Soba Noodle
What do like the best when it comes to Japanese fast food? If you are living in Japan, what do you eat most? If you visited Japan, what do you miss the most? If you have never been to Japan, what do y...
Question about Japan
What do you call the restaurant that serves sushi not belt? If you know the answer, tell us. #JapaneseOnline
See you at Japan Fair 2017
07-02-17 will have a booth at Japan Fair at Meydenbauer Convention Center in Bellevue, Washington on July 8 and 9. That is one week from today. Please do come and see us.
Words:全力(Zenryoku) Meaning:All one’s power ─ How to use ─ Japanese:私は全力です (Watashi ha zenryoku desu.) Meaning:I do it with every effort...
元気 Genki
Meaning: Fine, Cheerful -How to use- Japanese: 私は元気です。 Ro-maji: Watashi ha genki desu. English: I'm fine. Sorry, your browser does not support this audio embed, please upgrade to a more modern browser...
Japan Fair 2017 July 8-9, 201...
We are getting ready for booth for Japan Fair 2017 at Meydenbauer Convention Center in Bellevue, Washington. Come see us.