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Since 1996, Japanese-Online provided as a free service from PSPinc with the purpose of providing resources to individuals interested in learning about the Japanese Language and culture. PSPinc was founded in 1987 as a software localization company on Mercer Island, Washington. Early products localized by PSPinc included KanjiKit and KanjiWORD, as well as games produced by Bungie. These products lead to the creation of Japanese-Online.com as a resource for English speakers who wanted to learn Japanese and a community where users could practice and converse. PSPinc moved into internet services in 1996 and currently servicing 40,000 companies.

Japanese-Online.com has content suited to varying levels of study, including lessons for beginners as well as lessons tailored for those who need grammar and writing resources. Lessons are best suited to those who have basic understanding of hiragana and katakana alphabets before moving on to the more advanced grammar and particle lessons. Grammar lessons focus on learning about writing and creating more complex sentences and most lessons will not use romaji (Japanese sounds written with roman letters). Kanji is used in the lessons with hiragana and English translations provided.

Today, Uchikura Co., LLC. is the new owner of this site, providing more up-to-date information and lessons about Japanese.