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5 Memory Hacks for Learning Japanese Fast & Easy

Do you want to learn Japanese but don’t know where to start? If this sounds like you, then we have a few useful tips on how to improve your vocabulary and exposure to the Japanese language. In this guide, we have combined useful hacks to help you practice and learn Japanese fast and easy.

Tailor Your Methods

Let’s face it - learning kanji is not the easiest part of the language. However, there is a solution. The best way to create a strong memory ( advertisement: ) is to reproduce the same information in different ways constantly. Consider a combination of techniques that include post-it notes, flashcards, practice quizzes, topic explanations, and key word associations.

Take Advantage of Lessons Online

With the use of online tools, you can start with the basics and move onto topics, sentence structures, and formalities. Online language tools will provide the essential foundation to building the basic knowledge of the Japanese language and improve your memory.

Read Japanese News and Articles

Put your kanji identification and vocabulary to the test by reading and comprehension. Reading Japanese news and articles helps you learn how to identify common vocabulary. While it will be difficult as a beginner, you can highlight the list of kanji and vocabulary that you do not understand and use a dictionary as a reference.

Write Your Notes

Help cement the foundation of information by taking notes. You will have to ensure that it is readable as you can recall the notes by hand rather than using your laptop. Also, be sure to use full sentences in your flash cards rather than single words. What’s great about sentences is that you can learn new words, as well as how to use them in the proper context.

Learn the Songs

Focus on learning Japanese songs, particularly nursery rhymes. Once you’ve mastered the nursery rhymes, you can move on to karaoke songs and even make a few friends along the way. While it is not the only way to learn Japanese, it is a great addition to memorizing the language and vocabulary and spark up new conversations.

Repetition is the best way to memorize new information in a short time frame. The key is to go through a topic several times on different occasions and express the information in many ways. This is called over-learning. When you can express the information repeatedly, it will naturally come easy.

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