What is a typical Japanese breakfast?

What is a typical Japanese br...

The traditional Japanese breakfast is rice, one or two easily prepared dishes, miso soup and pickles.(従来の日本の朝食は、ご飯と1~2種類の簡単なおかずと、みそ汁や漬物です。)

However, today there are increasing people especially working people who have simpler Western-style breakfast such as toast and coffee. (しかしながら、最近では、より簡単なトーストとコーヒーといった洋風の朝食を取る人が、特に働いている人の間で増えています。)

By the way, I always have rice and natto that is made of soy beans with miso soup at breakfast because this style makes me more energetic than western one. (ちなみに、朝食の際、私は毎日納豆とご飯、そしてみそ汁を一緒に食べています。なぜなら、このスタイルのほうが、洋風のスタイルに比べて、私を精力的にさせてくれるからです。)