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Few things you need to know when you are riding on the local trains and subways. (1) No drinking or eating (2) No talking on the phone (3) No sprouting legs when you are sitting (4) No talking loud (5...
Awaodori 2018 ... In Tokushima.
I am sure many US small businesses would love to have a partner in Japan to expand their business to Japan and rest of Asia. Do you know anyone who may be interested in opening Japan operation for tho...
Please look at those pictures ... focus your eyes on the ground. With this many people, can you believe there is not single trash on the street. Just Amazing!!!
It will be held from July 24, 2020 to August 9, 2020. It will be very warm and there are chance of typhoons. Good luck!
I just booked my next Japan trip in October - November. I booked on the flight on ASIANA air using Airbus A-350, newest airplane. I still have more than 11 week ... but I am looking forward to fling o...
In the US, this may be called a rest area.
8:15 am ... the first A-Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. Today's "consensus" figure--that is, the one you see most often where the writer is not trying to prove a point one way or another--seems to be 1...
I don't think I can eat 10 of those ... I would like to try some.